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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Be sure to watch these videos and the slide show in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

The following clips from the GLENN BECK television program were posted at the YOU TUBE web site by Daniel Sass, of the SASS VIDEO web site, who, with his family, resides in Israel:

Here are videos of ME(!) strumming my guitar and singing songs about Israel:

(Written in 1971 at Camp Eagle,
in the Republic of Viet Nam)


Gather 'round, my comrades
And I'll tell of the day
I boarded a plane
And flew far away.

In Viet Nam, I'd spent
Six months and a year
Living like a dog
And surrounded by fear.

So, I bid "Farewell!",
With leave orders in my hand,
As Trans World Airlines
Flew me to the Promised Land.

The Land of Israel,
The Land of the Book!
I could hardly wait
To have my first look!

After many long hours
Above the clouds we'd trod,
Trans World Airlines
Finally landed at Lod.

In Tel Aviv,
I roomed at the "Park"
And ventured forth,
Happy as a lark.

Bethlehem, Masada,
Jerusalem of Gold;
I visted them each,
And other places of old.

I met a young lady
On my guided bus tour.
Entranced by her femineness,
I thought, "Vive L' Amour!"

From Montreal, Canada,
Is where she came.
But, I was too shy
To ask her name.

All through the trip,
I watched her and stared.
She would never know
How much for her I cared.

We would never meet,
As decreed by the Fates,
For the girl went to Greece,
As I flew to the States.

I bought Yemenite jewelry for Mom,
An antique sword for myself.
Pictures of Israel
Are in albums on the shelf.

Though I'm back in Viet Nam
With my head in a whirl,
I remember Israel,
And I remember that girl.

Here is a slide show consisting of eight (08) photographs I took during my visit to Israel many, many years ago:

The photograph of the Israeli female soldiers was taken by somebody else, and acquired much more recently.

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