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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo!

Battle of Puebla, 05 May 1862
Now, I ain't no Mexican, and I am most definitely opposed to the massively overwhelming illegal immigration that is destroying our beloved United States of America.

Our federal, state, and local government officials and agencies had better get serious and do something immediately, or we, the people, will be compelled by sheer economic necessity to take matters into our own hands, resorting to organized night riding vigilante justice and lynch law, which is the only practical recourse left to us.

The "wetbacks" must be rounded up, arrested, incarcerated, prosecuted, and deported back to Mexico, or whatever other country they originated in.

Since I am a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the so-called "Mormon" church), then obviously, I believe in considerations of mercy and humane treatment, so if any of the "wetbacks" are married to American citizens and/or are concerned for the welfare of their children, then of course, we should definitely keep everybody together, and deport the entire family.

Anyway, I love Mexican food, which I suppose is about the only good thing to come here from Mexico.

And, even though I have no relationship to Mexico, tomorrow is an excuse to PARTY!!!

Ah, but do we really need an excuse?

Mmmmm, boy, MEXICAN food!!!

Well, according to the menu here at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi, our mess hall is NOT planning on serving any Mexican treats tomorrow.

But, it's mox nix, 'cause I ain't going to be here, anyway.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the Veterans Administration Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in Biloxi, Mississippi.

It's a hospital.

Why do they have such a loooong name?

Maybe they'll be serving Mexican chow?

Well, even if they ain't, I can always stop off at one of the taco restaurants located along my route home.

When I get home, maybe I'll celebrate by watching one of my favorite movies, "LA BAMBA", on the NET FLIX web site, and maybe (if my arthritis will let me) strum my guitar and sing, "DONNA" and "BALLAD OF THE ALAMO".

Yippee for Cinco de Mayo!

Remember the Alamo!!!

Please visit the TEXAS BORDER SHERIFF'S COALITION web site and volunteer to use your computer as a virtual deputy to help the state of Texas guard its border with Mexico.

Also, you might be interested in visiting the EL BLOG DEL NARCO web site, which operates from a top secret hidden location (due to the danger of discovery) to observe the latest breaking news about the current plague of organized criminal violence which is happening in Mexico.

That web site is in Spanish, but it does have a Translation Button.


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