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Friday, April 26, 2013


For the best effect, please be sure and enjoy watching this video recording in "FULL SCREEN" mode, so that you can better enjoy viewing the priceless collection of historic antique photographs.

This video recording was posted at the YOU TUBE web site on Tuesday 21 June 2011, by "FROAGGALAMAJAGA".

I don't know who that is, because access to the channel is blocked, or the channel doesn't exist.



As Recorded By:

VERSE # 01:
Bob Roebuck is
Her sweetheart's name.
He's off to
The wars, and gone.
He's fighting for
His Nanny, dear.
His sword is buckled on.
He's fighting for
His own true love.
His foes, he does defy.
He is the darling
Of her heart,
Her Southern soldier boy.

Yo ho!
Yo ho!
Yo ho ho ho ho ho!
He is her only joy.
He is the darling
Of her heart,
Her Southern soldier boy.

When Bob comes home
From war's alarms,
They'll start anew in life.
She'll give herself
Right up to him,
A dutiful, loving wife.
She'll try her best
To please her dear,
For he is her only joy.
He is the darling
Of her heart,
The Southern soldier boy.

VERSE # 03:
If in battle,
He was slain,
She's sure that
She would die.
But, she is sure
He'll come again
To cheer her weeping eye.
But, should he fall
In this, our glorious cause,
He still would be her joy,
For many a sweetheart
Mourns the loss
Of a Southern soldier boy.

VERSE # 04:
She'll hope for the best,
And so do all,
Whose hopes
Are in the field.
She knows that
We shall win the day,
For Southrons never yield.
And when we think
Of those that are away,
We'll look above for joy.
She's mighty glad
That her Bobby is
A Southern soldier boy.

My great great great grandfather, Corporal Jonathan Trueblood
North Carolina Seventh Infantry Regiment
Confederate Senior Reserves

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