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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Brothers and Sisters:

A single raindrop can make a difference.

Especially when it participates in a shower of raindrops, rivers flow, flowers bloom, and wheat fields produce abundant harvests.

This is what happens when you and thousands of other alumni and friends support Brigham Young University through Annual Giving.

Your donation becomes part of a great effort that touches many lives across campus.

Grateful students receive scholarships.

Undergraduates experience graduate-level research experiences.

Each gift, like a raindrop, makes a difference.

To be a raindrop for BYU, please click here.

When you make a donation to Brigham Young University, one hundred percent goes to the priorities to which you direct your gift.

No administrative or overhead costs are deducted.

This perfect percentage means that dollar for dollar, your donations benefit students.

Thank you,

David J. Smith
Director of BYU Annual Giving


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