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Monday, January 30, 2012



Hey, I ain't no edjumicated genius, but I just had an idea.

You know how a lot of folks are worried about all those F.E.M.A. concentration camps?

Well, a lot of folks who live in major megalopolitan areas won't need to be rounded up by government forces, because they're already living inside a natural confinement area.

Yes, just like in the Hollywood movies, our biggest cities can become prisons.


Simple (if my theoretical suspicions are correct).

Almost every city in America is completely encircled by a freeway, popularly known as a "beltway".

During the general panic of some sort of catastrophe, roads and highways will probably be inaccessible due to traffic jams, vehicle accidents, police roadblocks, and violent criminal gang activity.

So, all the government's military forces have to do is seal off all freeway on ramps, and nobody in the city will be able to leave, at least, not in a vehicle.

Here in Gulfport, Mississippi, there is no beltway encircling the city, but what occurs naturally is just as effective in restricting movement.

To our North, we have Interstate Ten, running East and West from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana.

To our South is the Gulf of Mexico.

So, with the on ramps of I-10 blocked, almost the entire population of the Gulf Coast is effectively sealed in.

Yes, there's other roads that go North, and there's sundry waterways that can be navigated, but still, the majority, if not all, are generally trapped.

What about YOUR area?

How would YOU evacuate in a general emergency, when the police are NOT your "friend"?


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