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Thursday, January 26, 2012


For the best effect, please be sure and watch this two hour long official Nazi propaganda movie in "FULL SCREEN" mode.



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I don't remember when I wrote the following observation, but it was MANY years ago (maybe a couple of decades or so?), when I was living in the apartment above the lobby of the "ROXY" Theatre in Saint Anthony, Idaho.



I just finished watching a 1934 Nazi propaganda film, "TRIUMPH OF THE WILL", on cable television, and it has stimulated some personal observation.

First, the film was very well done, and I can readily sympathize with any young German, unemployed, impoverished, disillusioned, and without hope, living in a defeated nation plagued with violent crime, civil disorder, economic uncertainty, and harshly penalized by other nations.

Under those trying circumstances, it is little wonder that the majority of average German citizens would respond positively to the appeal generated by Adolph Hitler and National Socialism.

Secondly, what really bothers me, is what we Americans have become.

Whether it is called Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Democracy, or the New World Order, the resulting tyranny is the same.

Since the principles of tyranny are so similar throughout all periods of history and in every geographical clime, I prefer to designate all of these movements with just one name, i.e., the Satanic Conspiracy, because these various despotic tyrannies are universally in open rebellion against Almighty God, liberty, intelligence, and righteousness.

I find it ironic that barely half a century has passed since the United States fought a world war against Nazi Germany, while today our contemporary American society has enthusiastically embraced and acclaimed each and every one of Adolph Hitler's ideals.

As I list these items, I will only occasionally add an explanatory note.

I would assume that if you are able to read this message, then you are as cognizant as I am of current events.

The major difficulty in postulating these views is the age differential.

(As of Saturday 28 January 2012) I am sixty-six years old, and I can remember how radically different America used to be, just within my own lifetime.

But, younger people haven't any idea of what I'm talking about, because they have lived their entire lives knowing nothing other than the system under which we now live.

But, here is how we have emulated the Nazis:

01 - Total control by the federal government of all private enterprise.

Privately owned businesses are supervised and regulated by a number of government bureaucracies.

02 - Total control by the federal government of all personal income.

Financial institutions are legally required to cooperate with the federal government in reporting sources and dispositions of personal income.

03 - Total regulation and financial subsidies of agriculture, including market price controls.

04 - Dissolution of the traditional nuclear family.

Currently, almost all mothers (many of whom are unmarried) work outside the home, and children are tended in government regulated day care centers.

05 - Rejection, ridiculing, demonizing, and penalization of traditional organized religion, specifically orthodox Judaism and Christianity.

06 - Revival of pagan and occult traditions and rituals.

Even the United States Army has been ordered to provide chaplain services to groups engaged in witchcraft.

Much of the contemporary "New Age" ecology movement embraces ancient paganism.

Not only did the Nazi Party loathe all established churches, but Adolph Hitler and his lieutenants used the occult and Teutonic paganism to promote their Nazi agenda.

07 - Systematic executions of innocent human beings, i.e., abortion and euthanasia.

I don't even like the concept of the popular "Living Will".

Life is just too sacred.

Had he not signed a "Living Will", President Nixon could have been revived and his intellectual faculties restored, for his coma and death was due to an easily controllable brain hemorrhage.

08 - Acceptance and promotion of homosexuality and paedophilia.

Although the Nazis are accused of persecuting and liquidating homosexuals, many of the Nazis themselves are believed to have been practicing homosexuals and paedophiliacs.

Indeed, it is thought that this was one of the reasons behind the "Night of the Long Knives", when Hitler had his SA supporters arrested or murdered by his SS.

09 - Control of speech.

Today, we contemporary Americans are afflicted with the curse of "political correctness".

10 - Racial preferences and racial quotas.

I am personally resentful at being continually demonized because I am a white male with religious values, and I am angry that black people are permitted to use their so-called racial or ethnic heritage to justify ignorance, immorality, wickedness, and felonious activity.

11 - Gun control.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was not intended for hunters, sportsmen, collectors, hobbyists, competitive target-shooters, or even personal protection from criminals, although each of those things are benefits.

The sole purpose of our constitutionally guaranteed unalienable right to keep and carry firearms is so we, the people, possess the means necessary for armed revolt against tyranny from our own government.

12 - Control of education.

Public schools are financed with government funds and regulated by government bureaucracies.

Students are indoctrinated with politically correct propaganda, and individual dissent and initiative is discouraged or suppressed.

The effect upon graduation are subliterate, socially conditioned alumni.

True academic objective learning is currently only available through home schooling and in some private institutions.

13 - Media control.

Isn't it interesting that all television channels, radio stations, and news periodicals seem to report the same items and issue nearly identical editorial opinions?

Even designated entertainment programs, such as situation comedies, always include a bit of socially approved propaganda within the script.

14 - Federal control of local police.

15 - Technical emulation of the Nazis.

These are just amusingly interesting minor coincidences, i.e., our United States interstate freeway system copies the German autobahn, and both were constructed for the same reason, to facilitate rapid military transport in time of war.

The M-60 machine gun is a carbon copy of the German machine gun used in the Second World War, and our United States Armed Forces now wear the "Fritz" style helmet worn by the Wermacht in World War Two.

If you really want to stretch the point, one might comment about the current proliferation of black uniforms in police agencies.

What is truly horrifying about all this is that it has not been imposed at gunpoint (with the exception of forced racial integration), but has been hysterically demanded by the overwhelming majority of our population.

So, now what?

John Robert Mallernee


Remember, the above commentary was written MANY years ago!

What do we have now?

Since I typed those words, our contemporary situation TODAY has rapidly deteriorated much farther, as we, the people, through ignorance and apathy, have forfeited our unalienable rights, while simultaneously, the despotic tyrants in our government have illegally usurped additional unauthorized powers in direct violation of our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America.


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