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Monday, January 30, 2012



This is an automated playlist consisting of two (02) videos that were posted at Ram Z. Paul's web site, in response to the UNFAIR organization.

I'm tired of this constant lying propaganda where black people whine about skin color.

If white people are racially prejudiced against black people, it isn't because of the "color of their skin", but because of the "content of their character", i.e., the deliberate ignorance and repulsively immoral actions that black people continue to exhibit as a group.

How is it wrong for white people to have feelings of racial prejudice when those feelings are a natural defense reaction learned from years of personal observation and harsh experience?

I believe that racial prejudice is a natural survival instinct given to us by our Almighty God for our own protection, which is then further reinforced by life's lessons gained by personal observation and experience.

So, why apologize for it, or attempt to negate it?


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Anonymous said...

Good thinking there. I agree.. hopefully more will.