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Monday, May 27, 2013



For the best effect, I encourage you to watch this MSNBC televised news report, "GI'S LETTERS GIVE GLIMPSE OF BLOODY VIET NAM WAR", and the automated video series, "DEAR AMERICA: LETTERS HOME FROM VIET NAM", in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

The videos of "DEAR AMERICA: LETTERS HOME FROM VIET NAM", were posted at the YOU TUBE web site by the USS EATON DD-510 channel on Sunday 14 August 2011. 

At the conclusion of that same automated video series, I've included a few homemade amateur recordings of ME (!) strumming my guitar while singing appropriate songs, one of which is my own original composition (although I actually do hate it!).

For the best effect, please watch this slide show of photographs taken of MY war in "FULL SCREEN" mode!

"There I was - - - ,"

As we began our very first day of in-country training at Camp Evans in the old Republic of Viet Nam, that was how our sergeant taught us ALL war stories are supposed to begin.

Yuk! Yuk!

Hardee, har har!


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