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Friday, January 20, 2017



WARNING ! ! ! ***************

This dangerously illegal and highly immoral subversive underground resistance message is being surreptitiously monitored by the Beaming Internet Government Broadband Radio Oscillation Telecommunications Hearing Electronics Reconnaissance (i.e., "B.I.G. B.R.O.T.H.E.R.") as part of a coordinated clandestine domestic surveillance investigation, in cooperation with the National Administration of Zealous Interrogation (i.e., "N.A.Z.I.") and the Commission on Message Monitoring Investigative Electronics (i.e., "C.O.M.M.I.E.").

Serious felony criminal charges are pending, with extreme penalties yet to be determined!

Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

Did you watch President Trump's inauguration on television?

For a larger view, please click on THE PHOTOGRAPH
If so, what did you think of it?

As is normal for me these days, I couldn't sleep at all during the entire night, so I sat up and did word puzzles on the Internet.

Near daylight, I went to bed, where I tossed and turned for a long time before eventually falling asleep, and waking up around 1000 Hours.

That is how my life goes every single night, except I usually don't wake up until around 1300 Hours.

But, I wanted to see the inauguration, so I forced myself out of bed, and turned on the television.

Remember, I live in the Mountain Standard Time zone, which is two hours earlier than Washington, D.C.

Since I turned on my television at 1000 Hours plus 10 Minutes, that meant I missed seeing the President sworn in, as he took the Oath of Office at 1200 Hours, (i.e., "High Noon"!) Eastern Standard Time.

But, I did get to see a good bit of his speech, followed by the prayers, with which I was duly impressed.

For the best effect, please be sure to watch, in "FULL SCREEN" mode, this series of video recordings of the inauguration of Donald John Trump as the forty-fifth President of these United States of America.
As a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, I really appreciated that before and after President Trump's speech, religious leaders repeatedly referred to Jesus Christ, for the Book of Mormon teaches that Jesus Christ is the God of America, that America is the Promised Land, and that we Americans will remain free and prosperous only so long as we do not turn against Jesus Christ.

Then, I watched the Communist riots in downtown Washington, D.C.

For the best effect, please be sure to watch, in "FULL SCREEN" mode, this series of video recordings showing the rioting in downtown Washington, D.C.:


Frankly, for the protection of the average citizen, any and all laws restricting firearms need to be repealed, and equally important, legislation penalizing an individual's right to self defense also needs to be relaxed.

That would stop those Communists from interfering with the public!

The news media stated that tomorrow, a bunch of female Communists, including the infamous Jane Fonda, will be stopping the flow of traffic in downtown Washington, D.C.

I wonder why the news media, academia, and/or the politicians never refer to those folks as Communists?

Am I the ONLY person who openly acknowledges that they're Communists intent on the destruction of this Country?

Mox nix.

I wanted to see the parade, but EVERY news channel totally RUINED it!

No matter which television channel I turned to, it was ALWAYS these prettified egotistical idiots filling up the screen, as they endlessly discussed what they thought that I should think.

I had to wait until sundown before the Fox News Channel finally reran scenes of the parade - - - , or at least, part of it.

Even then, their commentary was lacking, as they revealed their abysmal ignorance of their subject matter.

And female television news reporters are the worst, for their empty self-absorbed little heads are too busy being concerned about stuff that matters to women, and they know next to nothing about the real world or how it works!

Black news commentators, as might be expected, were unanimous in worrying that President Trump's speech wasn't nice enough to people of color.

By the way, can anybody answer this question?

President Trump and I are the same age, except I'm a few months older - - - , his birthday isn't until 14 June (the United States Army's birthday!), while mine is next Saturday.

Obviously, he's in GREAT physical shape, while I am housebound with a collapsing spine.

When I watch all those folks at the inauguration, sitting up there on the reviewing stand or riding in limousines, or when I see those troops standing at attention for hours on end, I have to wonder - - - ?

What if one of those folks suddenly has to go to the latrine, right smack dab during the middle of the ceremony?

That cold rainy weather would REALLY stimulate my bladder!

How in the Sam Hill do those folks endure it?

Because of the freezing winter temperatures, last night, I walked out to my pickup truck to start the engine, in order to keep the battery charged up.

But, I couldn't get the snow off my windshield, so I couldn't go to the store.

Another big snowstorm is moving in tonight, and is expected to last for the next three days.

As of yesterday, the Meals on Wheels service at the Golden Age Center delivers a hot meal to me each day, except for weekends.

That's because I'm in so much pain, that I can't stand up long enough to fix anything other than a sandwich, and I've run out of bread and peanut butter.

Mostly, up until now, I've been ordering pizza and/or chicken from Domino's, and yes, that gets expensive.

While it appeared that the surgery on my spine was initially successful, apparently all those times I fell down after I returned home have resulted in messing everything up all over again, which is why I have such an agonizing ordeal when standing or walking.

Today's meal was hamburger, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and chocolate cake with white icing.

Pretty nifty, huh?

I'm really quite well off. 

Thank you. 

John Robert MallerneeEsquire 
Ashley Valley Shadows 
VernalUtah  84078

 "Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today. " 
                                                                           James Dean


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