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Friday, November 13, 2009


Following is the text of an e-mail message I sent to the United States Army III Corps Public Affairs Office at Fort Hood, Texas on Thursday 12 November 2009.


Sergeant Major Posten:

Many years ago, I received my Honorable Discharge at Fort Hood, Texas, having served as a Scout in the Seventh Cavalry.

(I love telling folks that - - - , it's just so cool and sounds like John Wayne Hollywood!)

I also graduated from the III Corps NCO Academy when I was at Fort Hood, Texas.

Mox nix.

I'm writing to you about the terrible events of Thursday 05 November 2009.

I'm actually concerned that an even greater travesty will be perpetrated by the powers that be, due to capricious bureaucratic "political correctness".

Nidal Malik Hasan was a Muslim acting as a Jihadist in support of, and in sympathy with, Al Qaeda and Taliban military operations against the United States.

What he did was a domestic act of war behind our lines, in cooperation with enemy military forces operating in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Those military casualties are entitled to be awarded the Purple Heart Medal, and the civilian casualties merit award of the Defense of Freedom Medal.

In addition, individual acts of valor should be recognized with either/and/or awards of the Silver Star Medal, the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Combat Medic Badge, and/or the Close Combat Badge.

This was NOT an ordinary crime committed in peacetime, but a domestic combat action during a time of war.

Fort Hood, Texas clearly qualified as a hostile fire zone for the month of November, 2009.


Any and all soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, Texas during the month of November, 2009 should receive Hostile Fire Pay for that month, and be authorized to wear their unit insignia on the right sleeve of their uniform.

Furthermore, to prevent a similar event in the future, I see no logical reason why every soldier on every installation can't be authorized to wear a loaded pistol, and maintain their rifle and TA-50 in their personal vehicle and/or personal quarters, both on duty and off duty.

Soldiers in the United States Army are trained in the safe and proper handling of loaded weapons, and soldiers in the United States Army are subject to random attacks.

If an American soldier can't be trusted with a loaded weapon in his personal vehicle or in his personal quarters, then he shouldn't be permitted to remain in the United States Army.

It would be far better for our beloved United States Army to have a few really good men, than to have to endure a whole passel of lousy untrustworthy ones.

After I left the United States Army, and was serving in the Utah State Defense Force, we were REQUIRED to keep our weapons and TA-50 with us at all times.

That's also the standard practice for soldiers in Switzerland and Israel.

So, it is both possible and practical to implement such a policy.

I realize you probably can't do anything about any of this, even if you wanted to, and indeed, because of your position, you probably are constrained from even honestly expressing your personal opinion regarding these matters.

I'm familiar with recent public statements by President Obama and General Casey minimizing or negating the Islamic connection.

Yes, I'm just one insignificant elderly disabled war veteran living in the nation's Old Soldiers' Home, whose opinion nobody cares about.

But, I have to at least try, if only for the sake of those wounded soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas.

Can you suggest other individuals or organizations I might contact for practical assistance in further publicizing these issues?

Thank you.

Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Washington, D.C.  20011-8400

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan."

If you agree with my stated sentiments, then please assist in this effort by also contacting Sergeant Major James Posten in the III Corps Public Affairs Office at Fort Hood, Texas.

Telephone: 254-287-0104

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