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Sunday, March 21, 2010


VERSE # 1:
So long as deep in Judah's heart
An ancient emotion still arose
And Judah, haunted by the East,
Gazed upon Zion, unredeemed:

Not all lost then, was our hope,
Our proud hope, so old, yet new.
Free men to dwell
In the land of our fathers,
The tower of David,
The vales of our home.

VERSE # 2:
So long as pilgrims at fathers' graves,
Joyful, entreating, rained their tears,
And poured out their woe
On temple stones
While Jordan flowed from Gallilee:

VERSE # 3:
So long as freely flowed our blood,
Nations would Judah bleed and spoil,
And dew drops fell on the fathers' rest
And God, Him repented of His wrath:

VERSE # 4:
Oh, hear my brothers, still in exile,
The clear ringing voices of your brothers.
Whenever the last Jew shall expire,
Then, only, shall perish our undying hope.

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