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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


NOTE: The following product review was written for the MUSICIAN'S FRIEND web site:

I live in a studio apartment at the Armed Forces Retirement Home and I have a Casio CTK-230 piano keyboard that I seldom play (because I prefer strumming chords on my guitar), and I have been using a metal folding TV tray as a keyboard stand.

But, it's Christmas, and I needed that TV tray to display my two foot fiber optic Christmas tree.

So, I bought this On-Stage Stands Standard Keyboard Stand from the Musician's Friend web site, mainly because of the low price, and it looks nice, although one of the arms is a tad rickety.

By the way, I was amazed at how quickly my order arrived!

If I were standing up when I play, then maybe there'd be no problem.

But, when sitting down, the keyboard barely fits on the stand, and after playing for a while, vibration causes the keyboard to fall off the stand.

However, after a wee bit of very lucky "by guess and by gosh!" trial and error experimenting, I've successfully solved that problem by sticking double sided mounting tape to the four corners of the stand, which should keep the keyboard from moving.

After all, the Casio CTK-230 keyboard is VERY lightweight.

Click here to see a VIDEO of my personal living quarters with the keyboard and stand.

You might also enjoy seeing my VIDEO CHANNEL at the YOU TUBE web site, and my own personal web site, OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE.



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