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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Suggested AFRH Preparations

ATTENTION Armed Forces Retirement Home Staff:

There are some practical steps that can be taken to prepare for the pending total collapse of our national economy.

It's to be expected that most, if not all, employees of the Soldiers' Home will desert their posts, for after all, they have their own survival, and the survival of their families, to be considered.

A few employees, such as Chuck Dickerson, who live on the grounds, have no other place to go, and will be trapped here, along with the Soldiers' Home residents.

Some employees will desert their posts, but will wait until it's too late before doing so, and they will probably be killed on the streets outside the Soldiers' Home perimeter.

The biggest security threat will probably be pedestrian infiltrators, either as individuals, or as roving armed gangs, for vehicle traffic will likely be nonexistent, due to the impassibility of city streets.

First of all, we should begin today secretly stockpiling supplies of prepared foods (i.e., MREs), bottled drinking water, and medical supplies.

Further, clothing and bedding for extreme cold weather should also be brought in and stored.

Yes, it is particularly ironic that we residents are compelled by penurious circumstances to seek our assistance from the very individuals who have thus far repeatedly betrayed us with the institution of their injurious policies, i.e., Tim Cox, Chuck Dickerson, Et Alii, which is probably why all of these warnings and suggestions will be ignored, to all of our combined detriments.

Latrine trenches need to be dug, with outhouses installed.

Gardens and orchards can be planted to grow crops year round, including opium poppies for manufacturing narcotic drugs to control pain.

A herd of goats, requiring almost no care, can roam freely on the grounds, feeding on our grass, and supplying milk for residents, milk which does not require refrigeration.

For night illumination, outdoor torches should be placed around our perimeter fence and at the entrance, with guard posts supplied with hand held parachute flares.

The perimeter fence should be topped with coils of razor ribbon, and coils of razor ribbon should be embedded at the base of the perimeter fence, both on the inside and outside.

Coils of razor ribbon should be kept at our main entrance, in readiness to be unrolled when necessary.

Gate guards, if there are any, must have heavy duty gloves for handling the coils of razor ribbon.

Foxholes and sandbagged bunkers can be emplaced all along the perimeter fence, where residents can be posted as armed guards.

The bell tower of the Sherman Building, and the roofs of the Sheridan and Scott buildings would become observation posts.

Unfortunately, manning these perimeter guard posts will reveal the murderous foolishness of Tim Cox's policy of ignoring standard health and safety practices, by changing Soldiers' Home demographics, since the majority of residents are no longer physically capable of standing a guard post for several hours at a time.

Those few residents still physically capable of performing basic military duties will be saddled with an overwhelming and virtually impossible work load.

Also remember, that thanks to Tim Cox's murderous policy of ignoring all health and safety regulations, it now means that innumerable residents are currently housed where any possible chance for their rescue, or defense, is impossible.

A distillery can be constructed and placed into immediate operation.

Distilling alcohol is legal, so long as an ingredient is added that makes the alcohol undrinkable.

The distilled alcohol can be used for antiseptic and medicinal purposes, and also as fuel for vehicles, stoves, machinery, et cetera.

Existing machine shops on the grounds of the Soldiers' Home can begin to forge and fabricate black powder cannon, British style Sten submachine guns, grenades, bayonets, and ammunition, copying plans, specifications, and blueprints currently available on the Internet.

Ingredients for gunpowder needs to be stockpiled, so ammunition can be manufactured.

If the Army will cooperate, we could even have rifles and individual protective gear secretly stockpiled here on the grounds.

The administration and recreational directress (i.e. Laura Fogarty) at the Armed Forces Retirement Home should immediately restore one of the many benefits and programs that has been arbitrarily taken away from the residents, i.e., our archery range, along with the equipment.

We residents need to practice our archery skills, for it might become our sole means of defense, or for acquiring meat.

Remember, the staff can be expected to desert their posts, so we residents will be left entirely on our own.

Realistic residents of the Soldiers' Home should begin now to organize a potential duty roster, so we know what each of us are to do, and where our assigned posts will be.

These are some ideas I have.

What other suggestions can you make towards our survival preparations?

I do see one bright spot amidst all these gloomy portents.

Once the national economy has completely collapsed, and all government agencies cease functioning, it will then be possible for armed rebels to seize the government and restore our long lost Republic, our Constitution, our inalienable rights, our free enterprise economy, and all other traditional values of our Christian ancestors.

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

NOTE: "My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan."

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