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Friday, November 27, 2009



I just now finished decorating my two foot high fiber optic artificial Christmas tree.

There's a manger scene underneath the tree.

Behind it sits Ted E. Bair, with my Santa Claus cap on his head, and fresh fruit from our mess hall is spread between him and the tree.

There is my crackling fireplace, with my Christmas stocking hung next to it.

That's actually a twenty-seven inch LCD wide screen high definition television, which I'm using as the monitor for my notebook computer, and thus, in addition to the fireplace, I can also listen to Christmas music, as I'm able to use two separate media player programs simultaneously on my computer.

For larger views, please click on the pictures, and to magnify it even further, click on the magnifying glass icon located on the toolbar of your Internet Explorer 8 web browser.

Now that all of this is set up, I can grab my guitar and digital camera and begin rehearsing and recording Christmas songs to be posted on the YOU TUBE web site and and on my blog.

Next week, I'll don my kilt, with all my Highland regalia, and go march with my clan in the annual SCOTTISH CHRISTMAS WALK in Alexandria, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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