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Friday, May 21, 2010


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The statue of the eagles was a Christmas gift from my sister, and next to it, is my favorite mug.

Pennants from college, a souvenir plaque from a deceased war hero, and valued personal certificates.

My computer and television.

My emergency food supply.

My Kenwood TR-2500 two meter band amateur radio, which I use to monitor communications of our security force here at the Old Soldiers' Home.

Fresh fruit from our mess hall, my pewter tankard (which I love to drink ice cold ginger ale from), another teddy bear from another sister, my microwave oven, and my refrigerator with flags from Scotland, Denmark, and the Confederate States of America.

My military family heritage - - - , my stepmother's military awards, my father's military awards, including the flag from his casket, and my own military awards, plus a souvenir antique sword from Israel, my noncommissioned officers academy diploma, a punji stake from an enemy booby trap in Viet Nam, a photograph of the Viet Nam Memorial in Salt Lake City, Utah, my cavalry stetson, and my spurs.

My guitar, with an emergency radio, the flags of the United States of America and Denmark, and my souvenir plaque from the Viet Nam Memorial in Salt Lake City, Utah.

My bunk, with Private Ted E. Bair on sentry duty. The Oregon state flag was a gift from Governor and Mrs. Tom McCall when I was in Viet Nam. The 101st Airborne flag was a gift from a girl on the Internet. Notice all the medications on the nightstand, with the emergency in-house telephone.

My emergency medical trauma kit. In my younger days, I was a volunteer emergency medical technician in Utah and Idaho.

Some of my books in my personal library. The koala was sent to me by a friend in Australia. I am briefly mentioned in two of the history books, plus a military yearbook.

Some more of my personal library, textbooks from college, and military manuals.


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