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Friday, May 21, 2010


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This is an official United States Army photograph, taken by Adrienne M. Combs, Deputy Directress of Public Affairs for the Military District of Washington, on Thursday 20 May 2010, at Fort McNair, in the District of Columbia, of the Third Infantry Regiment (i.e., the "Old Guard") in a public performance of their Twilight Tattoo.

There are two (02) problems that I see.

First, foremost, and of paramount concern, this is supposed to be an INFANTRY unit, which although designated for ceremonial duty, remains trained and prepared for combat response as an armed unit of the line.

Having a female assigned to any infantry unit belittles that organization.

Secondly, to add insult to injury, the female, whose insignia indicates she is commissioned in the Adjutant General's Corps, is in a command position, and wearing a MALE uniform, which is possibly a violation of official regulations dictating the proper care and wearing of the uniform.

Male soldiers, and especially combat troops of the line, should never be placed in the position of having to take orders from a female, for it is a confusing perversion of traditional roles, which is emasculating and detrimental to troop morale.

This is a terrible precedent to be setting for our combat forces, and is only one of numerous symptoms of the rapid destruction of our army, our nation, and our contemporary society, dating back (I think) to the Monday 17 May 1954 Supreme Court of the United States decision of Oliver L. Brown Versus Board of Education of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, which usurped powers by the federal government never authorized by our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States.

Since our political system no longer functions, rendering elections and protests in vain, the only practical solution is a bloody, violent, armed revolt against the current administration, to forcefully seize the government in order to RESTORE our lost republic, to RESTORE our sacred and divinely inspired Constitution of the United States, to RESTORE the inalienable rights of the individual citizen, to RESTORE sovereignty to the several states (including their right to secede), to RESTORE our free enterprise economy, and to RESTORE our cherished values of traditional Christian family morality.

When this revolt begins, which side will the United States Army be on?

Each of them publicly swore a solemn oath before Almighty God, but the question is, will they keep that oath?

In fact, ere the opening shots are fired, each American citizen is now compelled by circumstances to decide - - - ,

Is your loyalty to the government, or is your loyalty to the Constitution and our Republic?

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