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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I just finished watching a movie, A MURDER OF CROWS, starring Cuba Gooding, Junior, Eric Stoltz, and Tom Berenger.


It was on a DVD mailed to me from the NET FLIX web site.

It's a really good movie, the kind of edge of your seat action and suspense I always love to watch.

However, I do object to scenes of White women copulating with Black guys.

I'm from the "old school", and no matter how much Hollywood tries forcing that "politically correct" propaganda down our throats, I refuse to find that acceptable.

Actually, when you get right down to it, none of the scenes of sex, nudity, and profanity were necessary for telling the story in this movie.

Are you old enough to remember when Hollywood made great action and suspense movies WITHOUT any sex, nudity, or profanity?

Those are movies made prior to Nineteen Sixty.

Anyway, my real purpose for creating this post was to relay a joke told during the movie.

One day, when Adam was particularly frustrated with Eve, he asked God, "Why did you make Eve so beautiful?"

God replied, "So you would love her."

Adam then inquired, "Why did you make her so stupid?"

God answered, "So she would love you!"

That reminded me of when I was a soldier in the United States Army stationed at Fort Hood, Texas many years ago.

Bonnie and I had just gotten married, and later on, after meeting Bonnie, my fellow soldiers all agreed that I was smart for marrying her, and she was dumb for marrying me!

I thought that was hilarious, but it made Bonnie mad.

No, I won't recommend this movie, A MURDER OF CROWS, for family viewing. 

In fact, despite the constant action, suspense, and thrills throughout the script, I won't recommend this movie to anyone, due to objectionable and totally unnecessary scenes of miscegenation, sex, nudity, and profanity.


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