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Monday, May 02, 2011


Concerning the lack of any genuinely newsworthy importance of this event, there is a particularly relevant opinion expressed at the ARCTIC PILGRIM web site, which I encourage you to read and think about.

Read the report in today's edition of the LOS ANGELES TIMES newspaper, and also, the report in the DESERET NEWS.


Arab and Muslim response from the AL JAZEERA web site:

Meanwhile, outside the home of former president, George W. Bush, in Dallas, Texas:

Ah, but are we being lied to AGAIN?

When WAS Osama Bin Laden actually killed?

Pay VERY CLOSE attention to what is said six minutes and fifteen seconds into the above AL JAZEERA video, broadcast on Friday 02 November 2007, which was discovered by the BRASS CHECK web site.

And - - - ,

And - - - ,

So, what's the REAL story, huh?

Personally, I'm VERY suspicious that, just as it has repeatedly done in the past, our own government will use this event as an excuse to usurp more power legally denied to it by our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, and further oppress American citizens with the iron boot heel of despotic tyranny.


Have you noticed how the official version of this event keeps changing every few minutes?

Doesn't that sort of thing kind of arouse your suspicions?


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Brock Townsend said...

I don't trust them an inch nor do I believe a word they say.