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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I just now received two (02) pair of extra large navy blue fleece bootie slippers, which I had ordered from the LAND'S END web site only five (05) days ago on D-Day, Monday 06 June 2011.

I bought a pair of these slippers a couple of years ago, and I love them so much, that I ordered two (02) more pair, to replace my current pair, which has a small hole on the right foot gradually worn through by my big toe.

These are THE most comfortable slippers I've ever worn!

Not only that, at $13.99 per pair, they're very inexpensive.

With shipping and handling (sent parcel post to my mailbox), plus taxes, my order totalled $39.52.

Ain't that neat?

I wear them constantly here at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, Mississippi, just as I did when I was living at the Ol' Soldiers' Home in Washington, D.C.

They are SOOOOOOOO comfortable!



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