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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I remember listening to this hit record by Johnny Standley (1912 - 1992) when I was a little boy in Owensboro, Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Daddy was away in the Korean War, and Mama and us kids were living with Grammaw and Grampaw.

Uncle Ralph would play this record for us.


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(1912 - 1992)
"HYMN # 222" 

VERSE # 01:
Do you remember
Grandma's lye soap,
Good for everything
In the home?
And the secret
Was in the scrubbing.
It wouldn't suds
And couldn't foam! 

Oh, sing right out
For Grandma's lye soap.
Good for everything
In the place,
The pots and pans,
The dirty dishes
And for your hands
And for your face. 

VERSE # 02:
Little Herman
And brother, Thurman
Had an aversion
To washing their ears.
Grandma scrubbed them
With the lye soap.
Now, they haven't heard
A word in years! 

VERSE # 03:
Missus O'Malley
Down in the valley
Suffered from ulcers,
So I understand.
She swallowed a cake
Of Grandma's lye soap.
Now she has the cleanest
Ulcers in the land!


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