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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Here is a copy of an e-mail that I just now received:

Hi John Robert Mallernee,

My name is Wes, and I'm with  I have to let you know that I like your style.  Your video and speech 'FORMALLY DECLARING MY HAT IS IN THE RING!' is truly moving.  Your passion as shown in your blog 'Our Eternal Struggle' ( is obviously very strong and appreciated.  Keep up the good work.  So let me give you the brief, one-paragraph spiel about, and why I am reaching out to you today. is an online ammunition retailer.  We donate a percentage of every purchase to a pro-freedom organization of our customers choosing:  (i.e. III Percent Patriots, NRA, Soldiers Angels, etc.).  We offer our customers super-fast (usually same-day) shipping, weekly specials (, and live American customer support.  Here is a quick (2 minute) video about us: (

After having a look at our page, would you consider adding us to your 'Recommended Websites' section (on the lower-left side of your page) if you believe in the values of our company and believe your readers could benefit from it?  Our anchor text is simply our name,  We are actively working to reach out folks reach in the pro-freedom blogging community such as yourself.  I notice you have some great blogs listed like 'Free North Carolina (, 'Arctic Patriot' (, and 'Western Rifle Shooters Association' ( among others who have added us to their pages.

Thanks in advance, 


P.S.  Thank you for your service in the Armed Forces.

For the best effect, please be sure and watch this video in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

Folks, I hope you'll remember to patronize this establishment on Tuesday 06 November 2012, which is NATIONAL BUY A GUN DAY.

Yes, do go and vote.

If, like me, you can't in good conscience bring yourself to vote for either the Republican Party candidate or the Democrat Party candidate, then do like I'm doing and write your own name in on the ballot.

Or vote for Mickey Mouse - - - , or whoever.

What the heck, our votes are wasted anyway when we voting citizens haven't been given any choices, huh?

But, if everybody will also purchase a firearm, ammunition, or shooting accessories on that same day, well, no matter who wins the election, they're still going to get our message.

And, as requested, AMMO.NET will henceforth be listed in my RECOMMENDED WEB SITES column, located on the left hand side of this page.


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Wes said...

John, it's an honor. Thank you sir.