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Sunday, March 03, 2013

CURIOUS - - - ?

Being retired and reclusive, I really don't know much of what is currently transpiring within our populace, as I seldom leave the solitary comfort of my room, and I have little interest in news broadcasts of any sort.

A couple of hours ago, I was watching an old murder mystery on television.

There was a scene of a young man and a young woman kissing each other, and discussing plans for their future.

That made me wonder, if in our contemporary society's dire and unstable economic conditions, if young couples today are able to financially afford to even make plans for marriage and family?

One of the stars of the show that I was watching, a major entertainment icon, had previously been reported as having publicly announced his lifelong homosexuality.

Why are so many big stars in the arts and entertainment industry, one after another, proudly announcing they are homosexual?

It makes me wonder if they're really homosexual, or if they're just saying that in hopes of attracting attention, and/or because it's the popular and fashionably chic thing to do?


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