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Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is directed at whoever might be a graduate student in a university, majoring in - - - what?

If you're wondering about a possible topic for a doctoral dissertation, here's my idea.

I love doing crossword puzzles, but only on weekends, and so far, only at the Internet web sites of the WASHINGTON POST, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, and LOS ANGELES TIMES newspapers, for they're the only crossword puzzles that I find intellectually stimulating.

All other crossword puzzle web sites are just too easy, and crossword puzzles that are published during the week are also just too easy, and therefore, a waste of time, and consequently, no fun.

I have a theory that there is a direct correlation between the difficulty of crossword puzzles published in a city newspaper and the intellectual level of that municipality's population.

I also think that race and ethnicity of those cities' demographics are influencing factors to be considered when researching the aforesaid correlation.

In other words, if in one community, a typical published crossword puzzle is easily solved, then it indicates that the mental ability of that local population are lower than they would be in a city where the published crossword puzzles are typically more intellectually challenging.

Anyway, that's my own private, personal theory.

What do you think?


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