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Thursday, August 10, 2017



Greetings and Salutations to All my Kith and Kin and All the Ships in Outer Space:

Yesterday, Wednesday 09 August 2017, Showalter Ford here in Vernal, Utah, installed Nerf bars on the cab of my 2004 Ford F-150 XLT pickup truck, which were ordered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and coordinated through Paraquad Automobility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This should make it easier for me to climb into and out of the cab of my pickup truck.

Thank you, Taxpayers!

I hope it works, but actually, I'm still getting used to it, experimenting on getting into and out of my pickup truck.

I'm having more trouble standing and walking.

What do you think about all this current news about the People's Democratic Republic of Korea?

Do you agree that we should attack them with our nuclear weapons?

Do you think we should fight a conventional limited war there?

Will we also be fighting Red China and/or Russia?

No matter what we do, if we choose to go to war, it is inevitable that there will be a horrendous amount of agony, blood, carnage, destruction, and death on all sides.

Is a war really necessary?

Doesn't the Republic of Korea possess more than enough manpower and resources to easily thwart any military aggression?

If that is the case, then why are American military forces still based there?

What would happen if the United States of America immediately brought all of its troops home?

What if all those American military forces now in Korea were to be placed on the Mexican Border?

I wonder if all this talk about war is somehow being artificially contrived?

After all, why would any nation, small and isolated as North Korea is, deliberately court suicide by announcing to the whole world their intention to attack a major nuclear power, such as the United States of America, and even specify the target, the island of Guam?

Does any of that even make any sense?

It makes me wonder if our own Central Intelligence Agency (or somebody?) is orchestrating the whole thing?

Are the peasants in North Korea still hungry, undernourished, sickly, and starving?

What would happen if a fleet of American bombers were to suddenly, without warning, fly over North Korea, dropping loads of - - - sandwiches?

That actually was suggested, as a sarcastic joke, by someone commenting at a web site.

But, what if we actually did it?

With America out of the picture, I think charitable gestures from South Korea might eventually lead to reconciliation and reunification of North Korea and South Korea.

Isn't it better to prevent a war, rather than resorting to unnecessarily slaughtering thousands of people, including almost certainly slaughtering many thousands of our own troops?

Wouldn't food and charity be a more effective route to the eventual collapse of communist despotism?

Modern technology makes it almost impossible to completely control people's thoughts, thus foiling propaganda attempts.

Just imagine - - - giving the people food and smart phones, completely and effectively bypassing any communist government bureaucracy by fleets of United States Air Force bombers and cargo aircraft randomly showering tons of box lunches and smart phones all over the North Korean landscape.

What kind of effect would that have on the North Korean government?

By the way, with all those North Koreans starving and sick, where is North Korea getting all of that money necessary for building, testing, and launching missiles and nuclear devices?

Why aren't our publicized economic embargoes working?

What do YOU think about all this?

Do any of you have fathers, sons, brothers, nephews, or cousins who're wearing the uniform and will be going into harm's way?

Thank you.

"I am Prince John, of the House of Israel, a knight-errant here on Earth on a mission for our King."  
Ashley Valley Shadows
VernalUtah  84078  


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