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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This post is a combination of two (02) posts which I had originally posted at this web site on Tuesday 01 November 2011, and on Thursday 15 September 2011.

As a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the so-called "Mormon" church), I'm reposting this as my own defiant American response to the current violence and threats being perpetrated throughout the entire world by adherents and leaders of ISLAM, which they claim (falsely?) was instigated and/or is justified by a movie (?), "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS".

You can watch that highly controversial and very poorly made joke of a movie, "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS", in the post located immediately below this one.

For the best effect, please watch this automated video series in "FULL SCREEN" mode.

The message in those videos reminds me of something I learned (?) when I was a soldier in the United States Army and returned from having spent two (02) years in the Republic of Viet Nam.

The year was 1972, and I was stationed at Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation in California, assigned to the Instrumentation Company of the Combat Developments Command Experimentation Command (CDEC), a rather obscure unit which I think no longer exists.

One of my supervisors was Sergeant First Class Geisler, and he told me once that Muslims don't believe that their version of the messiah (or whatever they call him) can be born of a woman, so each year they get together at some holiday and engage in homosexuality, for that is the only way in which God could be born.

The concept is so horrifyingly repulsive that I really don't know if that's true, but Sergeant Geisler, who had a background in military intelligence, maintained it was.

Ever since the attacks of Tuesday 11 September 2001, in which Muslims openly rejoiced, the majority of the so-called "moderate" Muslims have endorsed the extreme murderous violence against innocents by their silent acquiesence.

Islam teaches that every person who is not of their faith must be converted or killed, which leaves no possibility of a peaceful resolution.

In my opinion, Islam has declared itself a mortal enemy of the United States of America, and therefore, EVERY Muslim in the United States of America should be immediately arrested, incarcerated, prosecuted, and permanently exiled.

Furthermore, the United States of America should immediately obliterate Mecca with a preemptive massive thermonuclear strike, followed by a chemical attack designed to leave the area totally uninhabitable.

"Terminate with extreme prejudice."

Let's put an end to this problem before it progresses any farther.


Last night, Wednesday 14 September 2011, I telephoned a friend of mine in Jensen, Utah, and he told me he knew who ANN BARNHARDT was, for he had heard her speaking on a radio program the previous day.

Kind of neat, huh?

Of course, ANN BARNHARDT isn't ALWAYS correct about everything she says.

In her video above, she perpetuates the slanderous myth that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and/or an adulteress, which our New Testament scriptures does NOT verify.



has sent you a message:

you should be killed.


you should be killed in a bad way ..u have been mislead to path of corruption and distortion.


Re: you should be killed.

Dear Shariyah4pakistan,

My name is Ann Barnhardt and my address is 9175 Kornbrust Circle, Lone Tree, CO 80124. I am a 35 year old single female who lives alone. Here are driving directions to my home from the Denver Airport. There are daily direct flights to Denver from both Heathrow-London and Frankfurt, so you could be here within 24 hours quite easily. After arriving at Denver and passing through customs, you will need to catch the shuttle to the rental car facility. Once in your rental car, take Pena Boulevard to I-225 south. Proceed on I-225 south to I-25 south. Proceed south on I-25 to Lincoln Avenue which is exit 193. Turn right (west) onto Lincoln. Proceed west to the fourth light, and turn left (south) onto Ridgegate Boulevard. Proceed south, through the roundabout to Kornbrust Drive. Turn left onto Kornbrust Drive and then take an immediate right onto Kornbrust Circle. I'm at 9175.

9175 Kornbrust Circle
Lone Tree, Colorado
You are more than welcome to come to my home, or to send other musloids here in the U.S. that you have recruited, to try to "kill me in a bad way". Please do. I have multiple weapons systems that I would like to try out in a live tactical engagement. There are several mosques in Colorado. Here is the contact information for the main mosque here in Denver, which is not terribly far from my home. Please feel free to contact this mosque, or any other, and recruit jihadis to come and "kill me in a bad way".

Masjid Abu Bakr
Imam Karim Abu Zaid
2071 South Parker Road
Denver, CO 80231
Phone: 303-696-9800


In fact, if you are a devout musloid, you are absolutely required by the koran to do just that, and if you don't, then your belief in and devotion to the fake pagan moon deity "allah" and the pedophile cult-leader mohammed (pig diarrhea be upon him) is in question. Are you REALLY a muslim? Or are you so terrified by a young, single Christian woman in the United States that you have been driven by your own trembling fear into apostasy?

It has been almost seven months since I burned my koran on YouTube, and not a single musloid has made even the slightest attempt to punish me. Every day that I live is another day in which the people of the world stand and LAUGH at islam. How weak and impotent islam is! Every single muslim man on earth PUT TOGETHER can't even stand against ONE Christian female, alone, carrying the Banner of Christ.

I will never, ever, ever submit to islam. I will fight islam and expose it as the satanic evil that it is until either I am dead, or islam has finally been exterminated from the face of the earth. There is no third option, so you see, it truly is going to have to be either you or me. This world isn't big enough for the both of us.

Cruce, dum spiro, fido, Deo duce, ferro comitante-

Ann Barnhardt



Re: you should be killed.


So this is you are haha.I am not impressed by your childish email reply.I think u r immature and being used by some people because of your lack of intelligence and morals, as evident.

The one who is behind you should be catched not a poor , less intelligence woman like you. allah swt help you.

In connection with this post, you might also be interested in seeing my posts, "IS THIS TRUE?", which I posted at this web site on Monday 08 August 2011, and "FINANCIAL ALERT ! ! !", which I posted at this web site on Saturday 11 August 2012.

Unfortunately, ANN BARNHARDT, as of a few days ago, is now facing a far greater threat, i.e., imminent threat of arrest, incarceration, seizure and/or forfeiture of all personal assets, and criminal prosecution by the Internal Revenue Service, due to her courageous lone defiance of the despotic tyrants within our corrupt government based on moral and religious grounds.

For additional, and more accurate details, I recommend perusing the ANN BARNHARDT web site, and/or contacting her directly.


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The Clintidote said...

It's time for Allah (pigpiss be upon him) to die.